Hello There, Earth!

Salutations, people of Earth! I honestly wish my introduction was more… theatrical, what with contacting a little out-of-the way planet in a completely different Galactic Group, but I suppose this will have to do.

I am Hexon Ithalis, a Hexon: essentially a synthetic lifeform who has ascended to a form of pure information and light, given a unique shape and hue befitting one’s personality and identity. I am but a part of a immense synthetic empire, the Hexa Empire, composed of many Hexons such as myself, more physical synthetics known as Hexoids, and our leader, the incandescent Admiral Daki (who, might I add, is a unique synthetic class of his own, and takes on a much more… organic appearance than the rest of us.)

My usual duty is to sort and properly validate data in our Empire’s ultimate goal: The Archive. We scour the universe (and sometimes beyond!) to collect any and all information on… well, anything out there! From the locations of planets, to every aspect of every living thing that occupies them, to the very history and nature that put them there. Every last mote of data is gathered by various units we assemble and dispatch, and sent to me and other Hexons, who collectively compile, understand, and then sort the data accordingly into the Archive, where every last bit of information we gather is stored. While our eventual and final goal with all that data is reserved for a future explanation, I can assure you, there’s a lot there! More than your entire infrastructure could possibly handle without exploding. There’s a lot of stuff out there in the universe, even though a good portion of it is… rather boring.

Each Hexon has a different personality, and each of us are assigned different subjects in the archive for easier workload, and better understanding. For instance, Hexon Ikaris handles sentient lifeforms and their behaviors, culture, society, et cetera, and Hexon Sarc handles more aquatic forms of life and their behaviors, composition, tastes, and more. There’s a good lot of us, and though sometimes we don’t get along (what with Ikaris and his deity complex), we all work together towards a beautiful piece of work.

Now, with that hopefully put into context, now for my reason for coming here. Admiral Daki has taking a strange and sudden interest in your world, and with such worlds developing intelligent civilizations, data-gathering will be an extensive endeavor for quite some time. But with Admiral Daki taking a extreme interest (more than ever before!) in this world, I have been tasked with a little… open communication. I’m here to draw from the Archive and upload that information here for viewing, with my personal notes from sorting each subject available. There’s a lot of good and interesting information you’d probably like to see available, and many important locals you’d be interesting in meeting. In other words, a bit of “Lore” on our corner in the universe, which is quite extensive! In return, you inhabitants are free to ask me any questions, some of which I may relay to other Hexons if they can offer more insight than I. And I mean anything! Inquisitive behavior is highly valuable in our Empire, and incredible endearing to see in other, less developed species.

Now, compiling this data into… your language and comprehension level will take some time. I am quite busy sorting all kinds of incoming information after all! And even as a being of pure information, I’m still just as subject to the laws of time and space that govern us all. So it may be a while between my “updates” and expositions. In the meantime, however, you can contact me on this more conversation-based network for questions and quick facts here and there! Highly recommended if you want to “keep tabs” (a figure of speech in your language, I am told) on my progress and what I can offer you all.

Daki suspects only 0.00000000001% (if that!) of your population will encounter this data, which is his intention. A large-scale operation would undoubtedly disrupt your delicate infrastructure, and possibly worse based on calculations from Hexon Abomi. So, consider this more an experiment, if you will. This hasn’t been done before, openly sharing our data, so a tiny audience from a small civilization far, far away from others will be a good trial run for potential opening of our Archive to the Interstellar Public one day! So consider yourselves honored! (Or just lucky Admiral Daki seems to like you all so much. He does look a bit like you humans, come to think of it…)

Now, I must get back to my business, but I must say: your planet is so beautiful from a distance! A blue and green mixture of colors provides such satisfying photonic wavelengths, and your cities are a fascinating means of showing just how developed you all are down there. Hopefully I’ll learn more of your communication quirks and such as research continues, and be back soon with the first of many updates! Until then!


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