Hello! I’m Librus! I’m a young artist and writer-type fellow who spends most of his days with his heads in the clouds. I’ve really done most of my growing up online, developing most of a personality on here! I spend my days dreaming or tiring away at my latest project, when I’m not just trying to enjoy myself. I hope to get into college one day with the talents I showcase here, and what more projects I can get done in the meantime.

I’m pretty darn queer, with my sexuality and identity being a bizarre amalgamations of various terms. (Demi-Pansexual, for those curious). I do my best to help my queer friends online, most of my IRL freinds not really existing in the first place (due to a reclusive, introverted lifestyle). I also have my fair share of mental illnesses, which both inspire some of my work, and other times make it impossible. I’m sure you’ll see a post or two here about the mess of things I am sooner or later!

I do my best to be a good person, knowing that the world is sad enough as it is to make it hard to wake up some mornings. That’s my goal with my artwork: to bring a bit more brightness into this cold, cold world. If I’ve made you smile and brightened your day with what I do here, mission accomplished! You’ve made me very happy myself.

You’re more likely to get to really know me through my Twitter, where I post basically every waking hour every day. I also do plenty of commissions through there as well, if you’re curious about that!

Let’s keep making wonderful things!