Hello! I’m Librus, an overly imaginative and enthusiastic sort in his 20’s that’s plagued by a fair share of curious and dreadful mental illnesses and products from a complicated past. But hey, nobody’s perfect, right? I’m mostly known for talking too much and my fondness for the color blue. Any community I’ve been a part of long enough can essentially point me out by those two traits alone. And when I’m not speaking too much, I’m doing just the same via text instead.

Why? Well, I’m overly enthusiastic about things I take interest in, really. I always have, though the root cause of this is still a mystery. When I’m introduced to a franchise I enjoy or media I take fascination in, I’ll pour an unhealthy amount of time looking into whatever it is. Primarily this is a set amount of particular game franchises (Pokemon, Monster Hunter, Warframe, Anthem, and Cobalt to name a few of the bigger ones), though it also applies to things related to that series and the efforts put into their creation. I just like to do this. It’s a hobby I’m bound to by heart and soul, I suppose!

And a lot of that enthusiasm comes out the other side as what I do here. What I love to obsess over inspires me in creative endeavors, in currently small aspirations to one day create something truly marvelous and long-lasting on my own. In the meantime, it’s a turmoil and chaotic process of figuring out exactly how to channel these obsessions and hobbies into something more… tangible that people can enjoy and interact with. Sometimes it’s writing, sometimes it’s drawing, and other times it’s… something else. It’s a long, winding path with many branches and loops and curves, and while it’s tiring and sometimes a headache to navigate, it’s… also kind of exciting to see what gets done along the way. So while content here may be sporadic and sometimes shift focus, I hope you’ll enjoy what you see here and come along for the ride!

Other than that, I’m a pansexual guy, though most of my focus goes to squealing like a doofus over handsome men. As you can expect for my 100% power passion in things I enjoy, this also applies to my liking pretty guys. A concerning amount of media I consume is… well, focused on boys kissing and love between guys, though I wouldn’t call it’s current phase “unhealthy”… at least I think. And of course, this also manifests in work I create and want to create. Cute boys, along with my queer identity (and just cute, queer stuff in general) are yet another keystone in my aesthetic, right next to talking too much and an obsession with blue. So you can also expect those sorts of things in the work I produce! There are stories only I can tell from my experiences, and it’s my obligation as someone who likes telling stories to… well, tell them!

I do my best to spread kindness and happiness through what I do, too. The world is a tragic place enough as it is, and I want to make things that, at least even for a tiny while, make people happier. It’s honestly why I pursue these endeavors in content creation, art colleges and all, solely to do my tiny part to make the world a better place, doing what I know I do best. It may not be much, but as long as I make some people feel better while going about their days, then all is worthwhile, I say. I’ve experienced enough sadness in my lifetime to be sick and tired of it for good…!

So there you go, dear readers! I hope you enjoy what this place has to offer. It’s grown along with me in many wild and unforeseen ways, and I hope you’ll be around to see what lies further up the winding road. Let’s keep creating wonderful things!