MechaPress Update, & Life Things

Hey, everyone! It’s me! No, I’ve actually been tinkering with this website for the lesser of the last few months, getting the little things in check as best as I can. You may notice on either end of your peripheral vision the amazing background I finally got around to doing. I’m even thinking of adding and changing it for the holidays and other special occasions, like dolloping snow or having characters frolicking in that darker space back there. Who knows? But I’m finally happy with what I came up with for that, and I’m surprised it works well on the eyes. (In comparison to my last website, which while even worse than before, had a very dark and illegible theme. Piano Black is no more, and that black mess I found off Google Image Search is lost forever.)

I’ve also closed down the commissions line for the time being, with life and general plans sort of muting that out for the time being. I still take donations, of course, but now I’m pretty okay with not getting any income for the time being as I pave the way for potentially new (and lucrative (in a millennial sense, so I don’t starve +afford college)) and exiting means of getting you to buy my work, and diversifying the work I do! I’m ironing out mediums for collecting my writing into a concise place, which will be under the Extras page when that happens, which is next on the list. Cobalt fics, the old USFE archives, and the rest (if there is any) will be found in a Google-Doc based collection there, since there’s really no other good medium I’ve found to store that kind of writing. I do wish it wasn’t so white and hard on the eyes there, but I really can’t settle on anything else that’s free or has a good reputation. ( is apparently still a thing, and no, I’m not going that low. Even I hold my writing to some standards.)

In more Bloggy news, I want to write here more. So I added yet another tab for just nonsense I feel like posting now and again, because I should devote more resources to maintaining and filling this place, to help maybe spread my brand around places that… well, aren’t Twitter. So video game jokes and other silly things will be posted here more, or just random thoughts. We’ll see how it goes. But maybe this can help with mental stuff, and make me less chatty to everyone and clog their feeds online. Hopefully. More Index goodies are coming too, with more headers for the website to randomize instead of just that one. I know you all are getting sick of it, too. The plan is to one day have hundreds of those headers, but it’s a while away. We’ll see about that, too. (Hundreds seems a bit lofty…)

And in the realm of real life, I’m looking to move out now for some cheap studio apartment near Community College campus, just to get some space and learn better life skills for the road ahead up in Maine. (It’s turning out to be pretty damn expensive to go up to Maine, and attend that place, but… I’m hellbent, for better or for worse. I have supportive friends and systems to still learn about, so maybe I can still get there without being dirt broke on the other end. Hopefully.) A good place within my price range is tricky to find at the moment, but I’m looking. This is a big change, and I hope it’ll fix things at least enough for me to start progressing towards full re-invention and redemption. I’m worried, but also hopeful. And I’m glad I have the friends I do to support me in this mess. So maybe you’ll even get a house tour on here someday! … A tour of a studio apartment. That really would be only one and half rooms. Plus a bathroom. My dream locale is compact, y’know? And affordable.

So, yeah, looking up! And please hold me to my promises of more Content™, and feel free to utterly smite me if I fall behind again. I need another, more constructive hobby. So here’s hoping.

Thank you!

The Site Has Had An Update!

After many headaches, I’ve finally figured out a few ways to make this new site look nicer and more… thick, for the lack of a better term. We’ve moved from Sidespied to Orvius, and had to add so many descriptions and images to things to fill them out better. So feel free to explore again, and see all the little bits I’ve added.

Getting this right was a huge headache, but now I have grounds to really make this place look pretty. I plan to add a background that deals with the empty space on the left and right, and one day draw many custom headers that randomize every time the page loads. (Perhaps one day I’ll have hundreds and people will try to see them all…!)

I also had to re-upload the entire portfolio section, so they may have odd dimensions or look strange in the theme, while others look much nicer and have swollen to their proper size. (Mostly the sketches, since they have a very nice size for this theme. I plan to draw according to this theme in the future, so less annoyingly massive vertical pieces without proper width, like a few you may see (or annoyingly wide, like one of my better pieces in the Digital section…) That was a huge rigmarole, setting that up so it looked nice, but I think it does well for now!

I need to draw again soon, but these past few days have been stressful, so we’ll see…!

Anyway, thanks for your patience, and enjoy! (And feedback is appreciated…!)

Hello again!

Welcome to the MechaPress, 2.0! Now in fancy art blog format.

It’s been ages since I last tried using WordPress. Due to a variety of terrible reasons, I had to ditch MP 1.0 for a while and leave the place behind. It wasn’t exactly a huge loss, considering the place wasn’t really built for where my life was going, and a lot of the content there was in desperate need of an update. So I decided to leave it all behind and let it burn away. (You can still check it out in the Extras section, thanks to some web-archive magic from a friend of mine.)

This version is much better than the old one! With a new art-focused theme, I can now regularly update the place with both life musings too large for Twitter, and various art pieces I’ve done! Everything on the site so far is stuff made before this site was live, so take a look. (A lot of the dates are sort of mysteries to me, them being so dated. From now on I’ll be able to properly date and archive my work!)

There’s still some details to iron out! I want to make that banner much nicer, and also find a way to make that big empty space on the left look nice. Maybe some custom image or some fancy background, I don’t know yet. I also still want to see how comfortable this layout is for users, so feedback is appreciated. I dug through a lot of themes before deciding on this one… nothing really seemed to be comfortable aside from this one. (Apparently portfolio systems here are mostly made for photography, who knew?!)

In the meantime, I plan to make this place more lively than it’s predecessor, and tighten up my image. I need to look more professional than before, both for college and so I can get more commission work. (I’d highly appreciate it in advance, by the way… I could use the funds for a lot of reasons!)

So, I guess that’s it for now. Thank you!