Seriously, I'm planning something much more cooler (and profitable) in the future. You just have to wait until... I dunno'. Whenever. Life is complicated.
Sorry, everyone…!


 What the what? You’re closing commissions?

Yep, sorry folks! But this area of business is closed for the foreseeable future. Life has shown than I can’t really keep drawing on a regular basis as-is right now, with College and life making it difficult to even get started and also devote time in my day to not having a mental breakdown and getting some time to sleep.

It’s not all gloom, though! I have plans for the future to potentially phase out this loose, less-professional style of getting this stuff done, though how and why are still pretty big questions. But I have ideas, and you’re free to pitch in with any input you may have (thanks in advance!), so feel free to let me know if you happen to know any strategies I’m not even considering yet. It’s all going to kick off afterwards, so hey, get exited in the meantime! I certainly am, and can’t wait to make this a part, if not full-time thing, instead of it’s previous irregular and unprofitable ways. And as always, you can always see how I’m doing in my own practices and whatnot (amidst the junk I normally post) on Twitter, if you really want to see how I’m doing. But I’ll be sure to upload the good stuff here, too, so don’t fret if you don’t like having me rapid-fire content into your feeds.

In the meantime, if you’re really devoted, or just want to be nice, or even just have some to spare, you can always donate some amount to my PayPal.Me, which would be always and dearly appreciated, even in the tiniest amount you can muster. But you don’t have to, now that I’m sort of idling for the time being. Up to you, really! But thanks regardless, and I’ll be sure to show you all what I have planed… er, someday! But that day certainly exists. I’m sure of it!