Sometimes, I do other projects. It’s a rare thing to see, but sometimes I need some variety and experience my normal repertoire just can’t provide. Here’s a list of what bonus goodies I’ve worked on, that don’t have a place to normally reside in the site. Expect rare and sparse updates, what appears here is exceptionally hard to find.

Boot Sequence: Defect

A twine game I made where you play as a semi-defective MechaTek droid. Choosing to sow chaos or cooperate with your corporate overlords is up to you! Just don’t expect it to go that smoothly…

Mechapress 1.0.

The original website, now deleted, has been excavated thanks to the strange laws of the internet and data never truly being lost. Explore (what you can, a lot of things are broken in there) at your own risk. I deleted it for a reason!