While the forefront of this blog is mostly Art and otherwise things I illustrate, we can’t forget the other half of things I create, and that’s writing! And I’m not talking about the nonsense and whatnot I prattle on about here, either. I mean fiction! Drama! Action! And a lot of gay nonsense and probably robots somewhere! I write a lot, due to the availability and ease of it, and the unique properties of the materials I work with make them easier to pick up at a moment’s notice or when I can’t sleep some nights. A lot of what I do is more experimental, or generally just something I can get away with for fun, so I can’t really guarantee what you should expect! But I hope you find what I share here enjoyable, since this is sort of my other portfolio, for less visual things. But this work is certainly evolving alongside my primary focus, and I’m certainly becoming kind of proficient at it! So enjoy!

Hopefully someday, I can fuse writing and illustrating into some sort of incredible creative hybrid, something truly legendary to the Librus name. (And it shall smite my foes in a rain of fire! They’ll see, they’ll all see! Mwaa ha ha…!) But for now, here we are.

The Cobalt Chronicles of MechaTek-

This may be my set of oldest fiction to date. While the original texts are long gone in the great Curse Forum Purge of 2014, I, being quite the persistent little bugger, managed to take the loss of data as a clean sweep and start the series fresh. The work is a extension and hopefully conclusion to the many loose ends that is the Cobalt Series, a game about cyborgs in an impossibly distant future who roll and shoot lots of other robots. There’s a lot to this world I sort of glued on to the current one, but I made sure to stay true to the source as new material was added. I mostly add additional lore, and also tell the story from a sort of projection of myself when I’m not in the best of moods: a crabby, ancient robot running his somewhat evil-ish corporation and trying to get by with friends and life despite having his own devoted army of super-robots.

The works were transferred from a (dying) forum, so the lengthy and arguably hard-to-read formation of the text may be difficult for some. I apologize in advance for this, and am cleaning up the messes wherever I can! (Feedback is always appreciated!)

The Hiding Place-

Years ago, a certain friend of mine wrote a funny little universe where all her friends, me included, were the crew on a very, very queer exploration vessel in deep space, going on all kinds of adventures and living like a much more gay version of Star Trek. Lots of her friends wrote their little stories starring their characters, giving them personalities and sometimes driving them off others. It was quite fun, and while it’s died down, every now and again something surfaces that’s very cute to read, and a fun story. There’s a lot, but at our Captain’s behest, most are best kept in nooks and crannies and not shared widely.

I wrote a few smaller stories, and then wrote this, a much larger tale of the ship’s local, lovable and small cleaning android who’s very nitpicky and arguably damaged goods trying his best, plagued by his own semi-intelligent programming running with a mind of its own. It has space princes, a robot really liking the space prince, and a lesson that sometimes you don’t need to be brave to do good things when times are tough.

It’s a bit dated, but I’m very proud of this one, and hope some of the cast comes back to see it someday.